In September 1997, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai ordered the establishment of Dubai Government Excellence Program, the first integrated program for governmental excellence in the world, to be the driving force behind the development of the public sector in Dubai and enable it to provide distinctive services for all the customers and benefiters. During the past years, Dubai Government Excellence Program has succeeded in achieving a quantum leap in developing the performance, concepts, practices and techniques applied in the public sector, due to the cooperation of the government entities (agencies, departments, institutions, …) with the Program management in applying the organizational and professional excellence standards, as well as benefiting from them in the continuous optimization processes of their performance and services.

The Program is an independent entity established under the patronage and support of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The program’s team ensures on developing its system and regularly reviewing the categories, standards, methodologies and techniques to keep pace with the modern updates in the administration and quality domain, and efficiently meet the changing requirements of the government sector in Dubai. DUBAI, 8th October, 2015 – The Dubai Government Excellence Programme has launched the Dubai We Learn initiative, which aims to empower a culture of institutional learning and the transfer and exchange of knowledge within the government sector, in cooperation with international experts in this field. The initiative consists of the mentoring of 13 benchmarking projects, training in organizational, learning and benchmarking, and the provision of a best practice resource,, for all 37 government entities. The 13 government projects are shown below:

Government Entity Project title


Aim of the project
Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services


Development of Emirati Paramedic’s Leaders


To identify and implement best practices in Paramedic training and practices to reduce patient mortality/morbidity rates, increase recovery rates, and reduce the reliance on hospital intervention by 2020.
Dubai Courts


Personal Status Smart Certifications Services


To transform Personal Status Certification issuing services (such as civil transactions like marriage and divorce) from traditional counter services to smart services (providing an integrated technology based solution) whilst achieving superior levels of customer satisfaction.
Dubai Culture


Developing National Human Resources for Museums To provide the growing sector of museums in Dubai, with professional human resources in the different fields of museology and to improve the current performance of National human resources to world class standards.
Dubai Electricity & Water Authority


Shams Dubai Initiative – Increasing customer awareness and engagement To increase customer awareness and engagement with Shams Dubai initiative, improve marketing efforts, build effective conversations, create brand advocates and increase Dubai based customer uptake of solar projects.
Dubai Land Department


Towards Happy employees


To identify and implement best practices that result in world-class employee happiness levels with a particular emphasis in reducing employee turnover and increasing employee engagement.
Dubai Municipality


Improving Purchase Procedures and Channels To identify and implement best practices in purchasing to increase purchase requisitions processed within a target of 20 days from 74% to 85% with an emphasis on increasing “bids awarded in time”.
Dubai Police


Integrated Knowledge Management


To move the concept of Knowledge-dissemination into a constant and comprehensive practice according to clearly defined metrics.
Dubai Statistics Center (DSC)


Innovative Statistics


To identify best practices in Innovation to enable DSC to develop and implement a strategy for innovation to improve its process and services.
General Directorate of Residency & Foreigners Affairs Dubai


Developing a World-Class Customer Service Design Process To develop and pilot a world-class customer service design process that is rapid, inclusive of all stakeholder needs, and delivers customer delight.


Knowledge & Human Development Authority


People Happiness


To identify and implement best practices related to people happiness to increase their happiness, work-life balance and well-being.


Mohamed Bin Rashid Enterprise for Housing


Improving Customer Experience


To reduce the number of service counter visits by customers at MRHE by providing attractive alternative methods to serve customers (such as through Smart Applications, Smart Channels) and reducing the need for repeat visits.
Public Prosecution


Judicial Knowledge Management To identify and implement best practices in the transfer of Judicial Knowledge to all prosecutors, relevant staff and stakeholders.
Road and Transport Authority


RTA’s Knowledge Repository Gateway


To identify and implement best practices in Knowledge Management and how to encourage knowledge sharing among related stakeholders; employees, partners in addition to vendors and suppliers that will enhance /enrich the organization memory and learning process.

Dubai We Learn consists of 3 services designed for knowledge sharing and innovation through the identification and implementation of best practices.

  • A one year programme which began on 6 October 2015
  • Participation of 13 government entities for one project team per government entity
  • Projects are expected to generate major financial and non-financial benefits for each government entity, stakeholders and Dubai as a whole
  • 13 successful projects will serve as role models for knowledge sharing and innovation and be profiled in a “Dubai We Learn” publication

Project teams have been trained in TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking and are being assisted throughout their projects.

The first wave of benchmarking projects came to an end on the 5 October 2016 when 13 project teams gave a presentation and submitted a benchmarking report to share their results.

The preliminary results have been remarkable. For example, Dubai Municipality’s project will save US$500,000 per year; this is from a more efficient purchase requisition process. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority have made major changes to its work environment and practices to increase employee happiness. Dubai Statistics have gained international recognition for its improvement in its innovation capabilities and Dubai Police for its knowledge management system. The Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) within one year were able to design and gain full approval by the National Qualification Authority and Ministry of Education Authority for an Advanced Paramedic Training program. This training programme is the first in the Middle East and will enable DCAS to offer better health care services on the road and thus reduce mortality and morbidity rates.


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