The organisational structure of Ministry of Finance of UAE


The Ministry of Finance consists of the leaders of the ministry, leading councils and a council to coordinate financial policies across the UAE, four Assistant Under Secretaries, 12 departments in four sectors. Work sectors are: Resources and Budget, International Financial Relations, Financial Management, and Support Services, in addition to the departments of Institutional Development, Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy, and Government Communication.

The organisational structure consists of the leaders of the ministry – Minister of Finance and Minister of State for Financial Affairs. Reporting to them directly are the Minister’s Office, the Institutional Development Department, the Internal Auditing Office and the Government Communication Department.

The Minister of Finance is assisted by Under Secretary , who oversees a number of the departments with four Assistant Under Secretaries who participate in the development of the main programs, ministry policies, strategic and operational plans, as well as overseeing their implementation. They also handle human and financial resources within their respective departments and organisational units. The Under Secretary Office, in addition to a new department called the Macroeconomic and Fiscal Policy Department, reports directly to the Under Secretary.


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