The federal eGovernment program started in 2001 with introducing a strategic plan by the Ministry of Finance and Industry. One of the early eServices offered at a federal level was the electronic card known as the eDirham in 2001, which was issued by to collect government services fees. Then the UAE government started the preparation of the further actions and development by checking the readiness of the federal agencies to implement the system, and in by the 2005 they launched the first e-government portal.


The official Federal e-government strategy was introduced in 2012 and it is stated that the UAE will provide world-class multi-channel services for citizens and improve the competitiveness on the country by adopting world class eGovernment practices.

To achieve such state the UAE had 4 main lines of action. First, to enhance the framework and governance mechanisms of eGovernment by realizing 13 initiatives, which included development of legal framework, policies, criteria for the quality and other. Second, to support the IT infrastructure by building the Information network of the government, data centers, management centers, e-mail services for the staff. Third, launching and providing e-applecations. This phase contained such tasks as launching the Open Government program, services via mobile phones, specialized portals and so on. The last phase suggested to develop mechanisms for performance managemenst like measuring the satisfaction, quality, promoting success and plans on improving the egovernment system.


Today, the UAE is considered to have one of the most advanced and world-class information and communication technology infrastructures. The main platform is Government.ae which brings all the eServices provided by the UAE federal and local government together. It works as a single-window for users to access all the services. The main platform makes it easier to work with by dividing 4 main platforms such as eServices, mServices, eParticipation and Open Data portal.


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