Crisis Management

Governmental Structure

National Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management Authority or simply NCEMA is a federal entity under the jurisdiction of National Security Council, the leading national authority responsible for managing and coordinating emergencies and crises in the UAE.

NCEMA was established to be a coordinating link among and between all organizations in the country. NCEMA is responsible for unifying emergency management programs, developing national policies and procedures, conducting training, hosting national – level exercises, and providing guidance and oversight to all agencies.

NCEMA itself consists of several departments:

  • Operation Department

It establishes a database of national resources, maintains it, and coordinates the management of these resources at the time of emergencies and crises.

  • Local Centers Department

The department is in charge of local and national coordination related to the integrated emergency and crisis management system, through local emergency teams.

  • Planning and Preparedness Department
  • Support Services Department

Its fundamental task is to provide high-quality and effective administrative, financial and logistic services in addition to developing and adopting strategies and programs for human resources, financial and services management of the Authority.

  • Information and Communication Technology Department

This Department ensures that the infrastructure, networks, and databases are established, maintained and managed in order to provide partners and customers with systems, software, devices and communication services.

  • Media and Public Information Department
  • Safety and Prevention Department

It develops standards and requirements to ensure business continuity along with the vital activities of the public institutions at the time of emergency, crisis, and disaster. It provides support through training, information technology, field visits, and also through the management of the National Volunteers Program that aims to create a special volunteer base to handle emergencies, crises and disasters and train them to support the National Response efforts.

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